After a fairly rainy winter we are very excited to be looking ahead to the prospect of warmer and sunnier days. What better way to make the most of it with a lunchtime discount and an extra bank holiday this year!

Let’s talk all things Coronation. As excitement mounts for King Charles III and the long weekend of celebrations from Saturday 6th of May to Monday 8th of May we are proud to be adding to the wine list as specials some excellent English wines.

While already a staple on our sparkling list with Chapel Down Vintage Reserve, we will have an exclusive, limited number of Sparkling Rosé Brut just for the occasion. A wonderful blend of strawberry, redcurrant and cherry aromas with a note of toasty shortbread. Fresh and crisp on the palate it is sure to enhance your visit! We will also be adding to the Special’s selection a very exciting wine: honey wine. Our first foray into non-grape wine, it makes for a very unique addition. Festival 18, by Loxwood Meadworks, is made solely by fermenting a signature blend of British honey. With honeyed citrus, vanilla and floral notes it is off-dry, crisp and zesty on the palate. Presenting an elegant minerality with a rich and creamy finish. To complete the experience why not pair the wines with either Dambuster, a buttery, strong mature cheddar or go all out with our British Board, which includes our famous homemade Pork Pie and Scotch Egg? With a limited number of bottles in stock, a stop at Gordon’s is a must!

For those looking to celebrate in numbers why not go all out with our Pommery Champagne Magnum, 1.5 litres? Spectacular on the table and with its candied citrus, dried apricot aromas and buttery notes makes for a spectacular choice too for a special occasion.

Why not make it a whole event by joining NorthBank’s ‘Walking Tour: King, Coronations & Caroleans‘. Hosted by Wide Eyed London and starting at Charing Cross at 12pm on 4th May, you will also have time for a sneaky glass of wine before you set off! This gentle walk will lead you from statues to monuments to buildings, each one remembering a different monarch. Learn how coronations were shaped by mishaps, disasters and triumphs and what exactly happens during the service. It sounds like just the thing to enhance the coronation week, especially if followed by one of our fabulous magnums on the terrace.

If walking is not appetising you can always make the most of our terrace, or cave, and try one of our experiences. From the Classic Gordon’s Experience to our ever so popular Wine and Cheese Tasting, all will make for a great way to mark such a special occasion. You can either purchase them online as vouchers or order them directly from any of our waiters on the day of your visit.

We also continue to offer Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 3pm 10% off your bill through the Northbank Privilege Card. If you work in the North Bank area you can sign up for the card for free and enjoy great discounts across many businesses in the area!

With so many great reasons to visit us we look forward to seeing you all very soon.

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