The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is fast approaching and we are very excited to announce our Cote de Provence rosé will proudly feature the Queen’s Jubilee emblem. A great summer choice and now a fantastic instagrammable opportunity!

After some sleuthing we have discovered that one of the Queen’s favourite drinks is in fact Dubonnet; and what better way to celebrate than to create a cocktail worthy of Her Majesty’s taste buds? Available for the whole month of June, make sure to come and try our Jubilee Cocktail: a glass of Cava with a dash of Dubonnet. A fantastic, nostalgic and regal blend…

For those who love taking a snap we are offering the chance to win 2 Jubilee Cocktails. Whenever you pop-by Gordon’s simply take a snap with any of our Queen featuring prints or newspaper cuttings and tag us on social media. We will announce the winner on social media the 2nd of June to kick off the celebrations!

We are thrilled to mark the Queen’s magnificent achievements this Platinum Jubilee and, of course, welcome the extra holiday time!

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