We are very excited to introduce a special Vegan Board to celebrate Veganuary.

The board will include the choice between two vegan cheeses: Kimcheeze and Herbes de Provence from Palace Culture. The Kimcheeze is a semi-soft cashew cheese with a delicious creamy texture, covered in sweet chilli flakes to give it an earthy taste. The Herbes de Provance is also a semi-soft cashew cheese with a creamy texture and a flavourful homemade Herbes de Provence crust.

They board also features houmous, homemade ezme, salad leaves, olives and bread. All this deliciousness for £30, which makes it a great sharing board for two, or even three.

We think it can pair wonderfully with either our Circumstance, Sauvignon Blanc – peachy with hints of tropical fruits white – vegan, organic and biodynamic or Miopasso, Nero D’Avola Appassimento – a spicy hints and black cherry jam notes red – vegan.

However you pair it, we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did creating it!

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